08 June 2016

Norwegian RECS International members release joint statement

In the Norwegian Aftenbladet newspaper local RECS International members have joined forces to combat recent statements from the Minister of Petroleum and Energy. This comes less than a week after the press release from RECS International on the same topic.

RECS International members made the case for a consumer driven electricity market and strengthening the system for guarantees of origin (GOs). In the statement they mention that a rejection or reversal of the system for GOs would limit consumer choice in Norway and bring the country further from a common European electricity system. The signatories of the letter went on to say that this system provides revenue to renewables production and would have devastating consequences if removed. 

RECS International is of a similar opinion. The GO, which is standardized in Norway, as well as in the rest of the EU, allows for the robust and reliable delivery of electricity products within and between member states. This system, which has been in place for more than a decade, has strong support from national authorities, stakeholders, consumers and producers.

The news article published in the Norwegian Aftenbladet can be seen here.

RECS International’s press release on the topic can be seen here.

It is also suggested to read the blog from Dirk Van Evercooren, President of the AIB, here where he addresses the same topic.

Update [June 9, 2016] – The Norwegian Parliament confirmed there will be no changes to the current implementation of the GO in Norway or the method in which national disclosure figures are reported.