About us

At RECS Energy Certificate Association (formerly RECS International) we support the development of both existing and new EAC markets around the world. We engage with a wide range of stakeholders, including governments, market participants, and consumers, and provide the knowledge and information they need to boost consumer demand for renewable energy. RECS works to provide the knowledge, motivation, and confidence needed to buy 100% renewable energy.

Working with our members from Europe and worldwide, we strive to create an open and transparent demand-driven renewable energy market, facilitated by commonly accepted and harmonized tracking systems. RECS engages with legislators, policy-makers, regulators, and system operators to make the case that effective renewable energy markets can help to accelerate the energy transition and, thereby, make an important contribution to tackling climate change.

Having worked since 2001 to improve and simplify the system of tracked energy RECS has unmatched expertise in the issuance, trade, and cancellation of renewable energy certificates – the process that allows consumers to claim the use of a specific volume and type of renewable energy.

The works of RECS

The RECS community

As an organisation led by members who participate in rapidly growing renewable energy markets, RECS works closely with many partners and stakeholders to maintain its position as a thought-leading and expert body on energy attribute tracking. Core tasks of the organization are initiated and carried out by the secretariat, in close cooperation its board and the wider membership.

Members and stakeholders are organised in active working groups, whose participants provide expertise and experience on specific projects. The engaged membership of RECS ensures that we can effectively represent all parts of the renewable energy market value chain.


RECS organises several events each year to share our knowledge and expertise with our members and other stakeholders. These events include:

The REC Market Meeting

This annual event brings together market players, policymakers, regulators, and system operators to showcase the latest developments in renewable energy markets. The REC Market Meeting is the only global expert of its type – focusing on how consumer demand for renewable electricity can be met around the globe. Visit www.recmarket.eu for the latest information on the next REC Market Meeting.

REC Market Meeting 2023 – Amsterdam
11 months ago

The Open Markets Committee (OMC)

The OMC is organized annually by the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) in cooperation with RECS. This event brings together representatives from European Issuing Bodies (GO issuers) and members of RECS and provides them with the opportunity to get up to date with the latest news on regulatory and systemic developments in the market for Guarantees of Origin.

Open Markets Committee (OMC) – Brussels
1 year ago

Various other (smaller) events are organized by RECS and their members. To stay up to date on upcoming events, check the events page.

Working for RECS

The work of RECS takes place in a highly dynamic and fast-developing renewable energy market. We have a small secretariat and can offer the following ways of becoming more involved with our work.