REC Market Meeting conference

On 25&26 April 2023 the 11th edition of the REC Market Meeting will be taking place at the Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam. Preconference sessions will be held on 24 April 2023.

The REC Market Meeting has grown from a small gathering for EAC professionals to a successful and recognized global platform for policy makers, markets players, NGOs and academics in the field of renewable energy consumption markets. Over the last ten years the conference has welcomed hundreds of delegates from a broad range of fields related to renewable energy industries and from all over the globe, to get informed, share expertise and strengthen their networks.

The 2023 REC Market Meeting will take place in a world of new opportunities for renewable energy. Governments, corporate consumers, and individuals are more motivated than ever to cut their use of fossil fuels. Renewables are increasingly understood to be the affordable, clean, and secure energy sources we need. With this growing understanding comes the opportunity to move renewables to dominant positions in energy systems and markets. We are excited to be able to showcase some of these opportunities in a wide-ranging conference programme that we believe will appeal to both experts and novices in the renewable sector.

This will be the 11th edition of the REC Market Meeting. Every year we have welcomed more delegates than in previous years, and in 2022 the conference was completely sold out as we welcomed nearly 500 delegates. We expect another strong year in 2023 as both market actors and regulators look to renewable energy to address the multiple crises of climate change, cost of living increases, and complex energy geo-politics. Each of these crises is global, and we expect to attract delegates from more countries than ever before. They will have an opportunity to hear from actors across the Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) value chain, including regulators, system operators, producers, traders, buyers, and end-users.

Due to the success of previous years, we will again run a programme with three parallel streams. Each session will highlight current and future opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

Track A – Europe in focus

Highlighting key developments in the most mature renewable energy market. Delegates attending Track A sessions will hear about the most significant regulatory, legislative, and system developments that support a market worth billions of euros.

Track B – Global markets and initiatives

Examining the drivers behind the expansion and rapid growth of renewables markets around the world. Delegates to these sessions will learn about key factors in the opening of new markets and the motivation of new market participants.

Track C – Understanding the basics

Offering those who are new to renewable-energy markets and energy-attribute tracking an introduction to everything they need to know to succeed in this complex and competitive sector. These sessions are created in collaboration with our supporting association EKOenergy.

Registration for the REC Market Meeting is now closed. RECS members can register with a discount.

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