Webinar on the FastGO proposal for a revised EN16325 standard on guarantees of origin

11th of June 13:00 – 17:30 CET

FaStGO (Facilitating Standards for Guarantees of Origin) provides expert advice to the European Commission DG ENER, based on the terms of Reference N° ENER/C1/2019-517: “Technical support for RES policy development & implementation. Establishing technical requirements and facilitating the standardisation process for guarantees of origin on basis of Dir (EU) 2018/2001.” 

On the 11th of June 13:00 – 17:30 CET a webinar is organized to discuss sector coupling, upgrading European Guarantees of Origin and how the FaStGO project partners propose to revise the European standard on Guarantees of Origin.

The FaStGO project gathers experts from the Association of Issuing Bodies, RECS International, European Renewable Gas Registry, Hinicio, European Biogas Association, CertiQ, EEX, Grexel and Gaia, who are working together on a package of tasks. The outcome of this work is an expert paper which will include consultation of stakeholder experts from inside and outside the project organisations, but does not necessarily provide a confirmed position by the full member base of the contributing associations, as the project deliverable time schedule is too tight to establish such confirmation.

Read more about the FaStGO project here or see a detailed programme and subscribe here for the webinar.