lock Update to members: working towards a new normal

Dear members of RECS International,

In this newsletter we would like to take stock and share with you how we, as an organization dedicated to serving our members, can meet your needs and support the development of effective renewable energy markets.

The cancellation of the annual REC Market Meeting  put a strain on both the finances and staff resources of RECS International. We greatly appreciate the understanding and support of the conference delegates – particularly those who are RECS International members – as we have worked through the repercussions of the unprecedented situation we found ourselves in. The strength of organisations in general, and membership organisations in particular is shown in difficult times and we are grateful for the strong connection we have with you, our membersIndeed, we are delighted to have even been able to add new members over this challenging period.

We are also happy now to be able to look forward, to shift our focus again towards the horizon and to embrace new opportunities to further the mission of RECS International. A key part of this will be a series of meetings in the second half of 2020 which that will hopefully give us the chance to see many of you in person once more. While we remain subject to national rules around travel and gatherings of larger groups, we hope for the best but have strong contingency plans, such as online platforms, should the pandemic continue. We are preparing and planning the following events:

RECS International General Meeting (GM) 17th June 2020 09h30 to 11h30. The GM is open to members of RECS International to hear about the latest developments in the organisation. As many of our long-term members will know, the GM isa great opportunity to meet and catch up, to share expertise and to reafirm common effort to strengthen renewable energy markets. While we will not be about to meet in person this time, we will make sure our the setup of our online meeting encourages as much discussion and debate as possible. See event link for details and registration.

Dutch GO Day – Q3, 2020. This new event will be modeled on the successful 2019 edition held in RECS International’s ‘hometown’ of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The Dutch GO market has been at the forefront of developments in a number of key areas, not least the implementation of full disclosure. As such, there will be plenty to learn for everyone and despite the the event  being held in The Netherlands and focused on the Dutch market, the sessions will again be in English. 

Open Markets Committee – November 26th (Dessau, Germany). The OMC is an important opportunity for renewables markets participants and GO system operators to meet to discuss the latest developments in energy attribute tracking. As in previous years, we plan to have the meeting in the afternoon, followed by a dinner that evening and a RECS International general meeting the next morning (27th November). We look forward to seeing you there.

RE-Source – December 9th-11th 2020 in Amsterdam. As in previous years, RECS International will be organizing two standout sessions during the RE-Source conference, focusing on the more technical aspects of renewable energy markets.

For updates on these and other events, please visit the events page for more information.

Please contact the secretariat for more information on secretariat@recs.org