20 June 2020

Update on CEN process

The process of revising European standard CEN EN 16325 continues, with the focus on key issues such as certification of electricity produced and consumed by the same organisation, the potential for a field on GOs stating the GHG emissions related to a given MWh of energy, and rules for the transfer and cancellation of GOs by and on behalf of consumers. 

RECS International encourages all members to engage with this process, which has the potential to significantly strengthen the European GO market (see our previous news item on this topic). More information can be seen on the AIB website or requested from the RECS International secretariat (a.white@recs.org).  

The FaSTOGO project, which is supported by the European Commission to provide expert inputs to the CEN process recently held an online workshop, the video of which can be viewed at this link.