20 January 2020

The Netherlands introduces full disclosure

As of the 1st of January 2020, the Netherlands has introduced a full disclosure system for guarantees of origin. Twelve months prior to the implementation it was already possible to voluntarily disclose information on non-renewable energy supply, but this is now compulsory for all suppliers within the Netherlands. 

RECS International applauds the Dutch government for implementing this system, thereby acknowledging the importance of transparency and clear information for consumers.

Within the European Union, only Austria  has implemented a full disclosure system. Outside the EU, Switzerland has done the same. While the guarantee of origin system is used throughout Europe, differences remain between national systems. In order for a full disclosure system to be fully effective, a pan-European full disclosure system would be required. 

The Dutch initiative sends an important signal to European policy-makers that there is a need to change current disclosure models and that governments are willing to make these changes. RECS International supports this trend, and calls on the European Union to encourage other countries to follow the Dutch example.

For more information or questions about full disclosure, please contact the secretariat: secretariat@recs.org