13 October 2014

The European EECS-GO Standard continues to grow

In a recent Markets Committee meeting the Association of Issuing Bodies reviewed recent changes and additions to the EECS-GO standardized countries and/or AIB membership countries. 

The changes include:

– Federal Belgium, controlling the Brussels capital region, have applied for AIB membership and are undergoing the review process.

– Grexel will no longer be the Finnish registry provider as of the end of 2014. They are to be replaced by a Fingrid registry.

– Greece is tendering for registry software.

– Ireland has appointed Grexel as the new registry software provider.

– Spain is tendering for registry software that is compatible with the EECS hub. The International REC standard will provide a trading platform linked to the national GO until EECS certificates are available.


For more information on the status of other European countries please contact the RECS Secretariat at secretariat@recs.org