05 November 2012

The Dutch have a new governmental energy agreement

The Dutch government has a new agreement that encompasses many aspects of life in the Netherlands. One of the focuses in this agreement was in Energy.  


Some of the points RECS International found important were the following:

1. The Dutch would like 16% 'sustainable' energy by the year 2020. This will happen through the continuation of the SDE+ subsidy/premium scheme and a possibility for another renewable energy obligations on the suppliers or 'blending requirements'.

2. Small-scale solar electricity production that does not receive a national subsidy will be granted a reduced tax tariff  if it is produced by small end-users or cooperatives. This is made cost neutral by increasing the general electricity production tariff. 

3. In an attempt to reduce the price of off-shore wind installed capacity the Dutch ministry will work together with electricity companies and the Dutch off-shore industry to stimulate this sector.  

4. Biomass should be used to its highest possible potential with the origin of the biomass being used guaranteed. 

There was no further information regarding how the origin of the biomass would be guaranteed.