15 July 2021

Swiss and UK GOs no longer eligible for export to the EU

With the end of the Renewable Energy Directive ((EU) 2018/2001) implementation period on 1 July 2021, the RED-2 is now fully applicable in the European Internal Market. 

Despite efforts from many stakeholders, no technical agreement between the EU and the UK and Switzerland have been reached on the mutual recognition of GOs. This means that Swiss and UK GOs are no longer accepted by the EU. Both the Swiss and UK Governments have decided to continue to allow the import of GOs from the EU.

Article 19.11 of the recast Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) requires that “Member States shall not recognize guarantees of origins issued by a third country (such as Serbia, Switzerland, UK etc.) except where the Union has concluded an agreement with that third country on mutual recognition of guarantees of origin issued in the Union and compatible guarantees of origin systems established in that third country, and only where there is direct import or export of energy”.

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