05 October 2019

Slovakia joins the Association of Issuing Bodies

Following a decision of the Association of Issuing Bodies’ (AIB) General Meeting, Slovakia will officially join the AIB in January 2020.

The Issuing Body of Slovakia will be OKTE, a short-term electricity market operator based in Bratislava. Several other countries are also in the process of joining the AIB. Further updates on these developments will follow.

The secretariat is pleased to see that more countries are joining the AIB and will be complying with the EECS regulations. The widespread adherence to this standard in Europe supports the harmonization of the Guarantee of Origin market, which in turn makes the market more reliable and more accessible for participation.

The growing number of countries joining the AIB also sends a signal to European policy makers that the EECs Standard is highly regarded in so many countries and should been seen as a complement to the CEN-16325 standard on energy attribute tracking that has been enshrined in article 19 of the 2018 Renewable Energy Directive .

For more information on AIB members, visit the AIB website