lock Secretariat seeks input on the development of multiple delivery contracts

RECS International members are requested to contact the secretariat with their thoughts and considerations related to the development of a “multiple-delivery” standard contract. 

The secretariat is considering work with DLA Piper in the creation of this contract. It is the intention that this would be used as a template for future and multiple delivery agreements and support the market it the creation of standardized trade agreements. The contract is intended to be simple and easily accessible for all market players.

In similar fashion to the RECS International single delivery agreement (seen here), the contract would be well designed and available for use by all market players, regardless of RECS International membership. Members would be granted the word version of the agreement to modify and place into their own letterheads.

The agreement would not be compete with the EFET Standard Agreement and GO Appendix. The RECS International contract would be designed as a highly simplified agreement that would increase accessiblity for entrant and existing market players.

We request RECS International members to reach out to the secretariat and express your interest in the development of a standard agreement. We would also like to hear about your concerns or priorities if we decide to move forward with the project with DLA Piper.

To contact the secretariat please feel free to call us at +31 (0)26 820 03 96  or e-mail us at secretariat@recs.org