lock Review redraft of EFET EECS Master Agreememt

EFET is redrafting the EFET EECS Master Agreement (MA). RECS International has been requested to review the draft. A comment provided by RECS International is to open the contract up to different certificate types/standards such as I-RECs, ROCs, Elcerts, as opposed to maintinaing an EECS only MA.

As EFET are aiming to formally adopt the updated EECS MA in September, the RECS International Secretariat would be happy to receive any comments on the MA from members by mid-August. Please note that EFET may be interested in co-branding the document with RECS International, and that the EECS MA would have a different means of operation than the RECS EECS single trade agreement.

Please request the contract and deliver comments to the RECS Secretariat at secretariat@recs.org.