10 February 2015

Retailers meet national regulators concerning disclosure of electricity in Sweden

The Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate (EI) has completed an audit of 16 electricity suppliers to determine if they have correctly managed their electricity disclosure requirements. All 16 companies declared the origin of electricity sold in the previous year appropiately.

Note: Translated and edited by the secretariat of RECS International, for the original Swedish version click here

As of 1 July, 2013 all electricity suppliers in Sweden must report on their invoices and websites how the electricity they supply to consumers was produced. It is the requirement that suppliers show if the electricity comes from renewable, nuclear or fossil-fuel energy sources.

In order to guarantee the production origin of the electricity, suppliers have to buy guarantee of origin certificates. Suppliers verifying a specific origin for their electricity supply must buy and cancel a corresponding amount of Guarantees of Origin from the respective source of energy they claim to be delivering.

EI is tasked with checking that companies follow the regulation regarding electricity disclosure and as such conducted an audit of 16 supplier companies back in November 2014. In order to see if they met their requirements a questionnaire was sent to the electricity suppliers and when needed the EI reached out to the companies for further clarification.

EI, upon completion of the audit, has determined that all 16 electricity supply companies have appropriately declared the origin of their electricity deliveries to consumers.  

The electricity suppliers subject to the audit were:

  • Borlänge Energi
  • Eksjö Energi Elit AB
  • OX2 Vindel AB
  • Svensk NaturEnergi AB
  • SverigesEnergi Elförsäljning AB
  • Piteå Energi Handel AB
  • Trollhättan Energi AB
  • Ö-vik Energi AB
  • Eksjö Energi Elit AB
  • Fortum
  • Karlshamn Energi Elförsäljning AB
  • Vattenfall
  • Telinet
  • Öresundskraft
  • SalaHeby
  • DalaKraft
  • Eskilstuna Energi & Miljö