14 April 2014

Residual mix project opens public consultation for supplier disclosure guidelines

The Reliable Disclosure Systems for Europe (RE-DISS) project, well known for their best practices guidelines and annual residual mix reports, have recently started a public consultation to provide an overview to interested stakeholders on various options related to electricity disclosure. RE-DISS also requests feedback on the options provided. 

The RE-DISS II team expressed their intention to create two different sets of disclosure guidelines.  The first for competent national bodies on how to implement and supervise disclosure regulations and the second for electricity suppliers on how to disclosure fuel mixes to their consumers.

While some overlap may be seen between the 2014 CEER public consultation on green electricity it was stressed that this public consultation will increase the quality of future RE-DISS disclosure guidelines.

All draft recommendations made by RE-DISS will go through a public comment period when published in the Summer of 2014.

The current consultation must be submitted by May 7th, 2014.

The background document describing different options for implementing selected disclosure aspects can be downloaded here 

The consultation document can be downloaded here.  Please return completed consultation documents to the RE DISS project coordinator at d.seebach@oeko.de. More information on RE-DISS can be found at www.reliable-disclosure.org