16 July 2019

Residual mix 2018 revision

A revised version of the 2018 European Residual Mix is now available on the website of the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB). 

A residual mix sets out the proportion of electricity from each generation technology (coal, gas, nuclear, etc.) that remain in the power grid after all certified electricity is accounted for and is a key ingredient of a reliable disclosure system. Any consumer who wishes to disclose the kind of electricity they are using, but who is not buying certified power, must use the residual mix when reporting the power they used. Due to the international nature of both the power market and the Guarantee of Origin (GO) market, centrally calculated residual mixes and the European Attribute Mix (EAM) are needed. Energy authorities either use the results of the calculation directly or to calculate the residual mix for their respective country using national rules.

Various errors in the previous version have been corrected in this revised version. The revised report is available here.

Powernext, holding the national registry for Guarantees of Origin in France, has also published a national residual mix 2018 which can be seen this link.