lock Request to fill in survey for European wide green label

RECS International is calling upon its members to respond to a survey about the development of a new European label for renewable energy.

As required by article 19.13 of the RED II, the European Commission has commissioned a study to assess options for establishing an EU-wide green label. The aim of any such label would to be to promote the use of renewable energy coming from new installations.

While labels can be a useful tool to facilitate the identification of GOs that meet particular criteria, RECS International is not supportive of the idea of a European label, for the following reasons:

  1. High standard labels already exist and are offered by private parties, without the need for public (financial) support. The development, implementation, and maintenance of a new label would require unnecessary funds, ultimately paid for by the public;
  2. A European label would be competing with existing labels. Instead, the EU could seek to support the existing labels;
  3. The EU may achieve more by supporting tools that help consumers better understand their power supply, such as the Groencheck system developed by VREG in Flanders, Belgium (Dutch) or the GreenCheck system ran by Brugel in Brussels (English).

Consultancy firm Trinomics, who is assessing the development of this new label has asked RECS International to distribute a survey, to gather stakeholder views on this label project. 

Please respond to this survey before April the 20th.

The official request from Trinomics can be read below.


Dear sir/madam,

I hope this email finds you well.

We are approaching you in the context of a study we are conducting for the European Commission that explores the possibilities and potential added value of an EU-wide green energy label. The study, executed byTrinomics, in cooperation with Öko-Institut and LBST, willsupport the Commission in adopting a studyon such options as stipulated by Art. 19 (13) of the revised European Renewable Directive (RED II)(see attachment for more information).

This study will first analyse the impact of current green energy labels after which it will assess options for establishing anUnion wide green energy label.

To make sure the potential implementation of an EU-wide green label is supported by the market, gathering the opinions from a wide range of stakeholders in the energy market is essential. Therefore, we would highly appreciate your input as you have the relevant market knowledge and experiences.

You could help us by filling outour survey, regarding the impacts of existing green energy labels and a potential EU-wide green energy label, which will take you around 20 minutes.

Given the strict time schedule which we are bound to, we would like to ask you to provide your feedback by 20-04-2020.

For questions concerning the online survey you can directly contact Trinomics via greenenergylabels@trinomics.eu.

Your answers and/or additional information sent will be treated strictly confidentially! The EC will not receive the individual responses or any data that will allow individual respondents to be identified. Although a report will be published on the outcomes of this impact analysis, data will be provided in an aggregated and anonymised format. In case, your answer is used to illustrate a good practice, we will first contact you for your consent.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

On behalf of the EU Green labels Impact Assessment team,
Lisa Korteweg