03 August 2015

Request for Meeting: Termination / Reduction of Interconnector Capacity Exposure due to CCL Exemption Removal

We understand that a number of members are currently considering how capacity on the BritNed or IFA could be reduced or terminated as they have lost their commercial purpose because the CCL Exemption for renewable source electricity is removed from 1 August 2015.

We further understand that some preliminary evaluations suggest that in some cases it may be possible to terminate the capacity contracts, as they're underlying commercial purposes – the utilisation of the interconnector capacity for trading renewable source electricity into the UK for CCL Exemption – has been frustrated.
RECS International would be happy to broker a meeting with the operators of the IFA and BritNed interconnectors and Ofgem and to represent members and other parties as group to discuss how relief could be sought for members.
Please let us know whether you are interested in this and whether you would like to be part of the group speaking to Ofgem and to the BritNEd and IFA operators about potential relief options.  
Please do let us know until 7 August if you are interested (even if you are currently not a member of RECS International). To do so please contact the secretariat (secretariat@recs.org) with your name, organization and contact information.
Please also do feel free to pass this information on to other entities who might have an interest in this.