lock Report on ISO development for GHG inventories

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has recently re-opened the standard documents for reporting on greenhouse gas emissions (14064-1) and carbon footprint of products (14067). RECS International and its partners were concerned when in a draft version, leading up to the final documentation, the market based method for creating carbon inventories was being prohibited. 

Globally companies use the “market-based method” for reporting on carbon emissions for their scope 2 electricity use. This method allows for the reporting of greenhouse gas emissions with contractual instruments, most notably RECs (in the US), GOs (in Europe) or I-RECs or other national systems internationally. This allows consumers to purchase the electricity product of their choice and not be reliant, passive consumers based upon the grid mix for which they happen to live.

The ISO 14064-1 documentation was opened for a standard revision in 2014, and throughout the assessment of this document the text in the subsequent drafts was modified, resulting in the prohibition of GHG inventory reporting using the market based method. Immediate action was taken by a group of stakeholders, of which CDP, EKOenergy and RECS International, who managed to mobilize adequate resources to attend the next ISO meeting and object to the modifications made to the standard.

With the financial support of RECS International, Michelle Zilinskas of the Climate Registry, was able to attend the subsequent ISO meeting in Milan in January 2018, where she was able to promote the importance of the market-based method in the ISO documentation.

Part of the support agreement for Ms. Zilinskas is a comprehensive report of this process, exclusively made for RECS International members.

The report can be seen here.