02 December 2018

REDII Comparison sheet

The recast of the Renewable Energy Directive (COM/2016/0767 final) at EU level has been agreed by the EU legislative institutions (Commission, Council and Parliament) and is expected to enter the Official Journal, and thereby become EU law, shortly. Within this Directive, Article 19 legislates on Guarantees of Origin and makes a number of important changes over its predecessor – Article 15 of the current Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EC).

Notable updates include:

  • Guarantees of Origin will cover all energy produced from renewable sources, rather than only all electricity from renewables;
  • When a renewable energy producer benefits from a support scheme, the market value of the guarantee of origin for the same production must be appropriately taken into account in the relevant support scheme;
  • Member States and designated competent bodies shall ensure that the requirements they impose on the issuing, transferring and cancellation of Guarantees of Origin are compliant with the standard CEN – EN 16325;

A more detailed analysis of Article 19 by RECS International can be found in the REDII Proposal Comparison sheet (download here). It provides a clause by clause matrix of Article 15 of the original directive, The European Commission’s proposals for changing the article in the recast Directive, the response of the European Council and the European Parliament to the Commission’s proposals, the final agreed text. RECS International is working with its members to develop an implementation document for use by national governments.