24 August 2021

RED3 advocacy briefing for legislators

RECS International has created a briefing for legislators: “Guarantees of origin in the Fit for 55 package, accelerating the energy transition by growing consumer demand for renewable energy”.

Following the European Commission’s proposal for an updated Renewable Energy Directive (RED-3), the briefing advocates several amendments to the current Directive (RED2), summarized by three key points:

  1. Retain the requirement to issue GOs for all renewable energy generation, whether it benefits from a support scheme or not;
  2. Retain the requirement that any associated guarantees of origin can be transferred to the buyer of the renewable energy under a renewable power purchase agreement;
  3. Introduce additional requirements to support the development of full disclosure schemes in all Member States.

Members and other stakeholders are encouraged to share this document in their networks. The briefing can be downloaded for sharing here:

GOs in the Fit for 55 package – Briefing for legislators.