14 February 2023

RECS’ position on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Review

The RECS Secretariat, in conjunction with the RECS Board and working group on the GHG Protocol review, has adopted its position on the measuring and reporting of corporate scope 2 emissions. RECS has also adopted a paper on the debate over scope 2 emissions accounting. Both papers highlight the impact and value of market-based mechanisms for accelerating the energy transition and cutting scope 2 emissions.  

The RECS Secretariat has transposed these positions into responses to key questions in two of the WRI’s surveys asking for input on whether and how the GHG protocol should be revised (Market-based Accounting Approaches Survey and Scope 2 Guidance Survey). RECS encourages all members and stakeholders to take RECS’ positions and responses into account when developing their own responses to the GHG protocol review surveys.  

For more information on this work contact Adam White (a.white@recs.org). SIGN UP HERE to participate in the working group, which will continue after RECS’ submission to the surveys. More information on the survey can be found here: https://ghgprotocol.org/survey-need-ghg-protocol-corporate-standards-and-guidance-updates.