RECS Members push the voluntary market to support new power

RECS members spoke at the RECS Market Meeting last week in Berlin about the need for the voluntary market to support new power – these members said they will both work towards this goal.

Without mentioning additionality, a sensitive term in the renewable electricity industry, Vice-President of RECS International Niels van der Linden and Tom Lindberg with ECOHZ pushed for a voluntary Guarantee of Origin (GO) certificate that would be able to provide additional incentive for investors to go forward with a planned renewable electricity project.  It was explained that many projects need the last bit of financing to make them attractive enough for investment.  These RECS members offered the voluntary GO certificate as a possible way to meet that need.

Mr. Lindberg mentioned that a number of different issues needed to be tackled before these voluntary certificates, supporting new power, became a reality.  During the question and answer period he specifically mentioned that these voluntary GOs are not, and were not, intended to replace national support systems but rather to allow the end-consumer more choice in their purchase of renewable electricity.

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