RECS member delivers open letter to encourage use of GO in new CSR directive

13 September 2014

ECOHZ, a RECS International member, has delivered an open letter to the European Commission asking for, “a coherent approach to how companies report consumption of renewable energy and reinforce Guarantees of Origin as the key disclosure tool”. 

CSR is a powerful tool to provide consumers with the ability to influence corporate decision making by giving them transparent information about corporate environmental and social activities. RECS International believes that CSR should be organized on a standardized basis so companies can easily be compared across the same sector, however, the rules for these comparisons must be strongly based on existing regulations and proven systems.  
The use of renewable electricity must be backed by the guarantees of origin (GOs) to prevent double counting, double claiming or the double attributing of renewable attributes to more than one consumer. The ECOHZ letter describes this clearly, saying, “GOs provide information to consumers about the origin of their electricity supply, documenting the volume of supplied electricity and at which power plant it has been generated. One GO proves that one MWh was produced using renewable energy sources.”
RECS International supports member initiatives to increase transparency in corporate environmental and social accounting and counts on the European Commission to hear this message. 
To view the letter to the European Commission click here