31 January 2022

RECS joins REGATRACE network

RECS International is pleased to announce that its application to join the REGATrace network was accepted at the end of 2021.

REGATRACE (Renewable GAs TRAde Centre in Europe) aims to create an efficient trade system based on issuing and trading biomethane/renewable gases Guarantees of Origin (GOs). The purpose of the REGATRACE Network is to share information on topics of common interest between organisations responsible for the documentation and tracking of renewable gas, including particular issuing bodies for GOs, registries/databases on (gaseous) biofuels, Renewable Gas Registries, in particular related to cross-border transfers. A stable, reliable and common market for biomethane and other renewable gases in Europe can help achieve EU political targets and decouple its energy systems from fossil fuels.

More information can be found at www.regatrace.eu