28 January 2021

RECS International welcomes new member: QuiEstVert

RECS International is pleased to welcome a new member from France: QuiEstVert.

QuiEstVert is a non-for-profit organization promoting voluntary consumption of renewable energy source of electricity in France.

While France represents about 15% of total European electricity consumption and its inhabitants remain favorable to the development of renewables, we unfortunately remain among the last in Europe to consume green electricity.

Our goal is to reach more than 100 TWh of annual cancellation of Guarantees of Origin issued from renewable energy sources in France by 2022.

We provide transparent information about the aim of this commitment and about technical aspects regarding Guarantees of Origin. QuiEstVert also gathers specialists within its Scientific Committee, to offer quality content and tools, with maximum transparency.

Our actions consist especially in:

  1. Putting electricity back at the center of environmental issues
  2. Explaining how the market of green electricity really works
  3. Making it easier for everyone to switch to a green electricity contract.

We are particularly honored to have become one of the members of RECs International, with the aim of working jointly on European legislative issues and in favor of the energy transition of the European power grid.

RECS International is very pleased to be extending the member base with QuiEstVert as a new member and we look forward to collaborating in the years to come.