10 October 2016

RECS International welcomes new members

Recs International welcomes three new members: GGNE, Optiment and SCB Group.

GGN Energy is an independent firm committed to helping grow a cleaner world, by acting in the renewable energy and energy efficiency fields. Our activities include trading green certificates, carbon offsets as well as energy efficiency certificates. We offer competitive prices to our producers and project owners for their certificates. We help our corporate clients source the specific certificates they require to meet their sustainability objectives. We also advise energy and clean technology companies on the strategic, financial and operational challenges they face.

GGN Energy is very excited to becomea member of RECS International. We look forward toparticipating in shaping the future of the renewable energy market alongside our fellow members of RECS International.

To contact us: admin@ggn-energy.com


Since 2013, Optiment acts as a valued intermediary in the green certificates and guarantees of origin markets. Building the bridge between the producers and suppliers of green electricity, Optiment provides tailor-made sourcing & hedging solutions to its clients who are mainly located in the BENELUX region. We help our clients to optimize their certificate portfolios, mitigating risks and valorizing flexibility.


 SCB is a world leader in low carbon commodity markets, relentlessly pursuing a low carbon future. In the regulated and voluntary emissions reduction markets, we provide execution, portfolio management and advisory services.

We help companies, organizations and groups of all kinds to reduce their carbon footprint. We provide various types of Energy Attribute Certificates, such as GOs, REGOs, RECs & I-RECs. We also work closely with renewable assets owners helping them to find the best route to the market for their renewable energy certificates.

Through a focus on the values of additionality, materiality, and efficiency SCB assists our partners in achieving high level and ambitious sustainability goals. Through responsible and committed usage of environmental credits, attributes, and offsets, as well as renewable fuels and energy, SCB has helped abate over 300 million MT CO2e since its founding. Since inception in 2006, SCB has been the consistent winner in client-led Energy Risk Awards, including Renewable Energy and Emissions sectors.


RECS International is very pleased to have these three dedicated companies aboard the RECS community. Their commitment will support RECS International in continuing to develop a reliable consumption market for renewable energy throughout the world and we look forward to cooperating with them in the years to come.