26 September 2018

RECS International welcomes new member

RECS International is pleased to welcome a new member: On Power from Iceland.

ON Power produces electricity, primarily from renewable geothermal resources and serves more than half of the population of Iceland with electricity and heat. The company is a world leader in the utilisation of geothermal resources and produces electricity and heating in combined heat and power plants.

Renewable power sources account for more than 85 per cent of the total primary energy consumption in Iceland, far higher than anywhere else in the world. ON operates two geothermal combined heat and power plants at Hellisheidi and Nesjavellir and a hydropower plant at Andakilsá river. The hot water that we produce in our geothermal power plants is used by one-third of the population in Iceland for district heating.

The utilisation of renewable resources has enabled Iceland to reach its 20/20/20 target, set by the EU.

ON Power actively pursues social responsibility in its activities and is engaged in extensive innovation in the field of environmentally sound and renewable energy production.

For more information, please go to the On Power website.

RECS International  is very pleased to further strengthen its ties with the Icelandic markets, ensuring reliability of EAC markets in northern EEA countries.