04 June 2019

RECS International welcomes new member: Opus Energy

We are pleased to welcome a new member on board the RECS community: Opus Energy. We highly appreciate the support from our members, contributing to our mission to create and sustain reliability in demand-side markets for renewable energy.

Opus Energy has been supporting British businesses and renewable generators for more than 15 years. We employ over a thousand people in our Northampton, Oxford and Cardiff offices. Generating 100% of its electricity from renewable sources last year and purchasing power from over 2,100 renewable generators in the UK, Opus Energy is a multi-award-winning business.

In 2017, we became a part of Drax Group, a pillar of the UK energy industry, running the largest power station in the UK and focusing on finding innovative ways to create a sustainable future. 

With Opus Energy, Drax Group’s retail arm is the fifth-largest supplier of energy to UK businesses, keeping the lights on and gas flowing at over 396,000 business premises. Our joint mission is to provide greater security and control to our business customers; providing a reliable supply of renewable energy day in, day out. Together, we work towards creating a zero carbon, lower cost energy future for all.

We are very excited about this opportunity and proud of becoming a member of RECS International and joining over 140 members from 20 countries. We are looking forward to taking part in and contributing to the important work carried out by the organisation.

The secretariat of RECS International is looking forward to be working with Opus Energy in the years to come.