18 June 2019

RECS International welcomes new member: Engie Global Markets

RECS International is very pleased to have a new member on board: Engie Global Markets.We highly appreciate the support from our members, contributing to our mission to create and sustain reliable demand-side markets for renewable energy.

ENGIE Global Markets operates at the heart of ENGIE, a global energy and services group focused on low-carbon power generation, global networks and customer solutions.  To accelerate the energy transition and facilitate the integration of renewables on energy markets, ENGIE Global Markets offers risk management services integrated into solutions like Green PPA to renewable producers and 100% renewable power supply to customers wanting to green their business activities.

ENGIE Global Markets has been active for years on environmental products, including Energy Attribute Certificates like Guarantees of Origin (GOs) in Europe and more recently I-RECS outside Europe.  The company facilitates the progressive transition of end customers for claiming green energy from specific renewable power plants.

ENGIE Global Markets offers a unique combination of expertise as an energy trader with a regulated banking status. The company provides market solutions to a wide range of players operating throughout the energy value chain. With more than 400 staff worldwide and four trading platforms in Paris, Brussels, Rome and Singapore, ENGIE Global Markets has an extended geographical coverage in Europe and Asia-Pacific and business activities in 50 countries worldwide.   

ENGIE is also member of  RE-Source.

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RECS International is looking forward to work with Engie Global Markets on reliable renewable energy markets in the years to come.