28 April 2018

RECS International welcomes CEZ Group as member

RECS International is pleased to welcome a new member: CEZ Group.

CEZ Group is an established, integrated energy group with operations in a number of Central and Southeastern European countries and Turkey. The Group’s core business is the generation, distribution, trading, and sales of electricity and heat, trading and sales of natural gas.

CEZ Group strengthens its renewable energy portfolio every year and reached over 4,6TWh of the renewable electricity generated in 2017. As the electricity generated from renewables can’t be easily recognized at first glance and more European customers are becoming environmentally friendly in terms of their power consumption, CEZ Group fully supports and actively operates with guarantees of origin, which helps customers to get the clarity of their electricity origin.

CEZ Group is delighted to become one of the members of RECS International and deliver to customers’ renewable electricity.

Read more about us at https://www.cez.cz/en/home.html
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RECS International is excited to be working with CEZ Group in reaching common goals for a robust and reliable renewable electricity market.