25 November 2021

RECS International welcomes a new member: Green Power Hub

RECS International is pleased to welcome a new member: Green Power Hub.

Green Power Hub (GPH) is a bilateral trading network of Guarantees of Origin (GOs) and Elcertificates (Elcerts) that lives by the principle of “Meet. Deal. Done.”. Our network is designed to make it easy to reach both new and old counterparts, place interests, make deals and sign electronically, all in a matter of minutes. Fast, safe and easy.

 Since our start in 2019 we have reached over 300 registered companies from 27 countries across Europe and other continents. GPH has grown to be the marketplace where almost 15,000 interests have been placed and where over 300 prices are placed weekly. And we are growing fast. Our goal is to make trading as fast and easy as possible for our members, and we aim to become the leading marketplace for the trading of renewable energy worldwide. We are excited to be a very real part of the change towards a greener future, and we hope you are too!

 Visit: www.greenpowerhub.com

RECS International is grateful to have the support from Green Power Hub and we look forward to our collaboration in the years ahead.