RECS International releases renewable directive consultation

The European Commission is reviewing the renewable energy directive (RED) and creating new legislative proposals for the period following 2020 with the possibility of implementing some immediate changes as soon as 2017. In order to coordinate stakeholder and citizen suggestions the commission released a public consultation document for, “the new renewable energy directive (REDII)”.  

European stakeholders paid close attention to the RED consultation. The clear focus of the consultation was to find ways in which to empower the consumer and promote demand-side choice for renewable electricity.

RECS International, as a leading stakeholder promoting consumer choice in the electricity market, provided a detailed response to the consultation document. RECS International discussed at length the needs of a more harmonized renewable subsidy system across Europe. The response of RECS International to the consultation document can be seen here.

For more information on the consultation document or the response of RECS International please contact the secretariat.