04 May 2020

RECS International publishes guidance for market participants

Maximising the reliability and impact of buying renewables: Guidance for market Participants

This new paper from RECS International seeks to provide the market with guidance on how to maximise the reliability and impact of procuring renewables. 

The guidance builds on the basic laws and standards set out by previous documents, notably the GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance paper and CDP papers, and focuses on eight important areas that influence reliability and impact:

1. Geographic (market boundaries)

2. Geographic (physical connections)

3. Attribute Age (vintage)

4. Market type (the role of regulatory surplus)

5. Different means of buying renewable electricity

6. Full Attribute ownership

7. Recognised attribute tracking systems

8. Third-party verification.

This guidance is supported by expansion papers from RECS International on specific elements of renewables markets, such as full disclosure. These are available on the RECS International website.

The Guidance paper is available below.

Any questions or comments should be addressed to RECS International Director, Adam White (a.white@recs.org)