RECS International provides insight into a recent legal opinion

25 June 2013

The recent legal opinion provided by The European Court of Justice Advocate-General Yves Bot has potential implications for the future of the Guarantee of Origin, something to which RECS International was interviewed for in the most recent June 24th Power In Europe by Platts,

RECS International is of the opinion that the free movement of goods and the adherence to a single European market should always be a top priority.  This was made clear in the recent article, “ECJ opinion challenges green subsidy systems” of the most recent Power In Europe from June 24, 2013 published by Platts. 
The Platts article mentions the, “huge implications” of the recent opinion made by Advocate-General Bots.  Bots questioned if it was okay for national renewable energy support schemes to discriminate against foreign-made renewables production. Peter Niermeijer, Secretary General of RECS International is quoted in the article as saying, regardless of the recent decision, “As innovative green projects became more cost efficient, ‘you need a more market-based system – there is no disagreement on this.  Europeanization is the new word – standardization, harmonization – it all comes down to the same thing: Free to trade”.
To view the article follow the download link here
To view more about the decision from Advocate-General Bots here