08 July 2013

RECS International provides consultation to EU Green Paper

The Green Paper, “A 2030 framework for climate and energy policies” was in consultation until July 2nd, 2013.  

RECS International believes that support should be based upon (indicative or binding) ‘consumption targets’ and ‘production targets’.  It is our belief that a strong CO2 production target, controlled by the EU-ETS, is a good, market-based solution to the increased need for sustainable improvements in all industries.  

Indicative targets, with the (national) option of becoming binding targets, should be used to meet the growing European security of supply demands.  Basing targets on the consumption of renewable electricity as a total of the national electricity consumption would allow support systems to better integrate the lessons learned from more than 10-years of electricity tracking and trading.  Additionally, energy efficiency increases would work towards the indicative/binding security of supply targets as it would reduce the total electricity consumption of the member state.

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