25 August 2014

RECS International prepares draft supplier disclosure guidelines for electricity products

At the request of RE-DISS, RECS International has prepared draft supplier disclosure guidelines. It is the opinion of RECS International that guidelines are needed to improve transparency to the electricity end-consumer. While primarily a concern for small and medium size consumers who purchase ‘bundled’ electricity products from their electricity supplier, large consumers will also benefit from clear, transparent information about the product they are receiving. The current practices of many supply companies vary and the opportunity for RE-DISS to provide voluntary guidelines could provide a movement towards supplier product standardization. 


RECS International only recoginzes three different types of supplier electricity products:
(1) Tracked electricity products whose delivery is backed entirely by cancelled GOs
(2) Untracked electricity products whose delivery is based upon the national residual mix, and
(3) Combination products whose delivery is only partially backed by cancelled GOs and partly the residual mix.

If RE-DISS shares these opinions and publishes guidelines based upon these principles then there is the possibility to simplify the European renewables market for all electricity consumers, large and small.

To download the RECS supplier disclosure guidelines click here