19 November 2012

RECS International goes live with a new website

RECS International has gone live today with their new recs.org website. This website is intended to increase the awareness of energy tracking systems with both consumers and policy makers. A result of these energy tracking systems are green electricity products and the (inter-)national mechanisms in place to protect the consumer's choice for these products. These two topics are becoming increasingly important and for this reason RECS International hopes to highlight them with the new website. 

The new RECS International website is full of information for those that are unfamiliar with the energy tracking industry.  Aside from the discussions and information provided on each page of the website RECS International has included a glossary section describing industry terminology. RECS International has also chosen to create a frequently asked questions section for those interested in quick answers to some of the most common questions.

Member Information
Members of RECS International will be pleased to know that log-in information has not changed during the transition from the old to the new website. Members will still be able to view upcoming events or see past event documents in the archive. All the relevant meeting documents will be available for download when you are logged into the website.  Registration for events will also take place via the website.  When you are registered for an event an automatic confirmation will be sent to your inbox.

Please contact the secretariat if you are interested in having the new RECS logo for use on your documents or website.

Questions regarding the new website?  Please do so by sending an email to the secretariat at secretariat@recs.org