lock RECS International considering an Oslo workshop, explaining the GO system

RECS International is considering to organize a workshop in Oslo and is looking for input from members. 

The workshop is the result of the recent and ongoing national discussions around the GO system and European market for attributes. The secretariat is only in the initial phase of planning the meeting but is looking for input from Norwegian members on the need and timing for such an event.  The workshop is not intended to provide new information to RECS members but to inform local stakeholders on the use and benefits of the system. The workshop would be in English and intended for local press, stakeholders and consumers to better understand the GO tracking system, the market, the benefits and, of course, to address the current criticisms.

If the workshop is deemed to be necessary we will need the help of Norwegian members to distribute the announcement of the meeting to local stakeholders.  

Members should also be informed that the secretariat is working on a press release to bring the current issues to light. More information on this press release will be distributed when the draft text is known.

Please contact the secretariat for more information on the workshop or press release.