lock RECS International becomes a Dutch foundation

RECS International has changed its legal status from a Belgian Association to a Dutch Foundation.  This is in line with decisions taken by the board of RECS International over the last year and a half.  The relationship between RECS International and its members remains unchanged, this also goes for the functions and guiding mission of the RECS International Secretariat.

RECS International has officially signed and delivered the ‘Articles of the Foundation’ for the change to a Dutch Foundation.  These articles were signed yesterday by Peter Niermeijer, Secretary General of RECS International, on behalf of the current president, vice-president and treasurer – Claes Hedenström, Niels van der Linden and Thomas Eccard respectively.  

In the recent Reykjavik board meeting, it was decided to move forward with the new association for two reasons, “(1) a new legal status makes it possible to handle VAT that saves the organisation about €70,000 every year and (2) the association should better represent the future direction RECS International wishes to take and the role all participants should have in the governance of the organization”.

The work and goals of the RECS secretariat will not change as a result of the new foundation, rather we hope it will improve the speed in which decisions can be taken.  For more information about the change please see the most document, “MB 13/16 Change of legal status RECS International” from the most recent board meeting in Bad Nauheim.  For further questions please feel free to contact the secretariat.