08 April 2021

REC Market Meeting news

We welcome newcomers and experts in renewable energy markets at the 10th edition of the REC Market Meeting.

The REC Market Meeting has been bringing together renewable energy market experts for over a decade now. During the last year we experienced the growing importance of global interconnectedness and we saw that energy markets are also impacted by developments in energy markets worldwide. With climate change and other environmental topics moving up the agenda of governments worldwide, new parties have been encouraged to enter these markets. If there was ever a time to get up to date on developments in renewable energy markets, it’s now.

To get newcomers up to speed on the intricacies of these markets, we have included a special track dedicated to providing basic knowledge about renewable energy consumption markets. These so-called C-track sessions can be attended throughout the conference. Delegates can choose a different track for each time slot, attending the introductory sessions when they like.

Newcomers, experts, and veterans alike, we look forward to welcoming all of you once again in November 2021.

To see the full programme, including information about the various tracks, please visit www.recmarket.eu/programme

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