Press release Europe Commission says German FiT must work internationally

10 September 2014

According to the press release the Commission started an, “in-depth investigation on the EEG 2012 Act” over concerns about the compatibility of tariff reductions for some energy users. The result of the investigation can be seen in the EEG 2014 which will organize tenders, “for up to 5% of the tendered capacity to installations located in Member States which have concluded a cooperation agreement with Germany".

The press release quoted Commission Vice President in charge of competition policy, Joaquín Almunia saying, “The EEG 2014 paves the way for more market integration of renewables. In the medium term this should lead to lower costs for consumers. Also, the progressive opening up of tenders to operators located in other Member States is a very positive development for the internal energy market."
RECS International agrees that this is a positive development but pleads with European and national law makers to move more quickly. The cost of renewables support is increasing and the only way for all of Europe to reach their national 2020-targets is by creating a demand-side approach to renewables support. This will allow for cost-efficient renewables growth while also controlling the level of renewables integration through the use of market mechanisms. 
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