16 July 2013

Powernext in France officially an AIB member

With Powernext becoming an AIB member the easy, free-trade of Guarantees of Origin can take place between France and 19 other AIB-hub connected registries.

France’s appointed GO issuing body, Powernext, has achieved the highest form of reliability, transparency and standardization with their entrance as an AIB-member and subsequent adherence to the EECS rules for the Guarantee of Origin.   Their membership was made public via a press release on July 15, 2013.

RECS International is supportive of all national issuing bodies who chose to join the AIB’s EECS standard for the Guranatee of Origin.  We at RECS International believe that only with standardized, transparent and harmonized rules the reality of a European renewable marketplace can exist.

For more information on the entrance of Powernext to the AIB view the press release here