22 August 2016

Political discussion and developments regarding Norwegian disclosure and Guarantees of Origin

Earlier this year the Norwegian government, pressured by industry players, has considered abandoning the pan-European GO system in favour of a so-called “production-based tracking system”. These developments were placing a consumer-driven market for renewable electricity under threat. RECS International called on all stakeholders in Norway to protect consumer choice and begin a dialogue over these issues. 

As a reaction to the lobbying a group of market players, consisting of producers, power suppliers and different end-users, came together to fight for the continuance and development of the GO system. The responsible committee in the Norwegian Parliament recognised the value of the system for Norwegian power production while also acknowledging the consumer expectation to know the origin of their electricity. The committee supported the current system and even went further to recommend that the government investigate how the GO system and the disclosure of renewable electricity could be improved.

RECS International was happy to see that Norway decided to continue its support of the GO system. For further information about RECS International's activities in Norway please contact the Secretariat at secretariat@recs.org.