20 January 2018

Overview of REDII developments provided by member

Those who work with the Guarantee of Origin are anxiously following the developments of the upcoming Renewable Energy Directive (REDII). The European Commission, Parliament and Council have now moved forward into the next phase of the negotiations: the trialogues.

Ecohz, a member of RECS International has been heavily engaged in the REDII process during the last year, and has actively contributed to policy development in Brussels with comprehensive facts, figures, case studies and position papers. RECS International supports the activities of our members and acknowledges the impact their work has for the myriad of actors who work in this field. These actors all benefit from the efforts of active members to ensure that the GO system is optimized, creating a meaningful and robust market for renewable energy.

Moving forward into the trialogues, ECOHZ will emphasize its support for six key issues, reflected in the Parliament’s position which can be read here. RECS International supports ECOHZ in these important endeavours and will provde support to our stakeholders over the coming months.