04 November 2015

Norwegian registry shows all exports and ex-domain cancellations

The Norwegian EECS-GO registry now provides data on cancellations, allowing a sneak-peek into the world of ex-domain cancellations as well.

EECS-GOs must be cancelled in the country of use. As an example this means that Norwegian GOs being used in France would need to be exported to the French registry prior to cancellation. However due to data and technical incompatibilities with non-EECS adherent countries it is possible to cancel EECS-GOs in a different country than the country of consumption. This can only be done for non-EECS adherent countries. This is done with a mechanism called ex-domain cancellations. For privacy reasons these figures have historically not been publically available until now.

The figures in Norway include some logical results such as cancellations in Ireland prior to them joining the EECS standard. However, countries such as the United States, China and Australia are also on the data list. While these cancellations are small in number, this could be an area where improvements in the standards for consumer claims are needed to help guide end-users in their purchase of attribute certificates.  

At RECS International we believe that the AIB and other system operators must discuss these issues among themselves as well as with the consumer claim standards. In locations where there is a reliable, robust and transparent tracking system there may be better options for consumers than ex-domain cancellations. 

To view the statistics go to Statnett’s registry here