Non-RES GOs inadvertently issued by Italian IB

In November 2019 the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) became aware that Guarantees of Origin (GOs) from three Italian gas-fired production devices have been wrongly labelled as being produced using energy solely from renewable sources. As these Italian GOs were issued in full conformity with Italian legislation this problem was not detected earlier. Since 2017, only one of these production devices has remained eligible to receive GOs.

The AIB has taken action to rectify the situation with the responsible issuing body and all AIB members involved in the import of all such GOs. The AIB will also look into further strengthening its procedures for conducting regular audits of all its members.

The Italian issuing body GSE has guaranteed to the AIB that GSE has immediately ceased to issue or auction such GOs and implemented the necessary measures to prevent the export of such GOs from Italy. The AIB is also taking additional action to prevent the transfer of such GOs via the AIB Hub.

For further information, please contact your national issuing body.