08 November 2023

NEW RECS Member: We welcome Stratega East Capital Advisory

RECS welcomes Stratega East Capital Advisory as a new member. Stratega East introduces itself:

Stratega East Capital Advisory (SECA) is a renewable energy & environmental commodities trading & advisory business in Central and Southeast Europe. SECA primarily deals with renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs), European energy certificates Guarantees of Origin (EECS GOs), and voluntary emissions reduction certificates (VERs). SECA often plays a key role in the marketing of large-scale renewable energy (wind and solar) investments in the Region, providing solutions for long-term purchase of energy and environmental commodities from emerging renewable power plants. SECA supports industrial clients to implement a green energy transition and achieve carbon zero / neutral emissions in their facilities.

We are pleased to have joined the International RECS community and to be able to send a message that we strive for the same environmental values and standards as our Western European business partners. SECA is very active in the trade of guarantees of origin and is a pioneer in the procurement of voluntary carbon certificates in the Western Balkans. SECA advises renewable energy developers, traders, and industrial consumers to achieve their ESG goals using REC certificates as a tool and by conducting green energy transition as a method. Renewable power purchasing agreements (PPAs) are a significant portion of our day-to-day dealings with the energy industry. We support RECS activities and want the initiative to be visible in our business circles as well. We would like to thank the RECS for your trust and for welcoming SECA as a member!