19 September 2023

NEW RECS Member: We welcome Renewabl

RECS is pleased to welcome Renewabl as a new member. Renewabl introduces itself: 

In times when companies strive to showcase their genuine efforts in reducing carbon footprints, promoting renewable energy, and achieving their sustainability targets, we are proud to introduce Renewabl, the very first platform that executes 24/7 hourly-matched certificate transactions.

As delivering efficient technology to serve sustainable purposes becomes crucial, we offer a solution that allows companies to transact hourly-traced certificates while providing authentic proof of their commitment to sustainability and carbon reduction. While instantly matching certificates to exact consumption profiles on a 24/7 basis, our platform also allows many other innovative time and cost-saving options to our clients.

Renewabl is proud and thrilled to join RECS to participate in further developments and initiatives in this space. Together, let’s build a greener, more transparent future.