03 November 2023

NEW RECS Member: We welcome Bra Miljöval

RECS welcomes Bra Miljöval as a new member. Bra Miljöval introduces itself:

Good Environmental Choice (Bra Miljöval) is the Swedish Society of Nature Conservation’s non-profil ecolabel. The ecolabel is based on two basic ideas: to save natural resources and protect both biological diversity and human health. The label also works for energy efficiency and transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

The ecolabel started in 1990 and labels 700 products and services within twelve different labeling areas. One of them is Electricity, where Good Environmental Choice sets environmental requirements for renewable energy and also contributes to the implementation of hundreds of energy and environmental projects.

Good Environmental Choice is an independent, life-cycle-based ecolabel with criteria that are strict, transparent, scientifically developed, and which is constantly developing. Energy companies with Good Environmental Choice-labelled electricity use the eco-label logo on their products to show that the electricity they sell meets high environmental standards.

As a member of RECS, Good Environmental Choice wants to contribute with the knowledge and importance of adapting renewable energy to the environment thereby both reducing the impact on the climate and protecting biodiversity.